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HELLO! My name is Meredith (Ann) - but you can just call me Meredith - I had to get a domain name u kno :)

I am an illustrator from Nashville, TN who has been drawing, painting, designing, and making my whole life. My background is in interior design, I’ve worked for several design firms, did some teaching, and even got to be an artist for my neighborhood Trader Joe’s (yes, it was as fun as it sounds).

But it wasn’t until 2019 that I learned the term for the fun patterns and licensed art I’ve always admired in stores - “illustration”! Communicating through art brings me great joy – especially when I can combine complex concepts with beautiful art. I especially like to make people laugh (I may or may not have carried around a joke book as a kid and I never miss an episode of SNL).

I have been on a journey discovering who I really am, and I hope that my art will make you feel like you belong. In every moment I am overcoming perfectionism one illustration at a time!

Send me a DM with your address and I'll send you a surprise in the mail!