Character Info:

Sebastion- Calm and calculating, Sebastian seems distant and withdrawn. His distinctive red and blue heterochromia has Hayley inexplicably enchanted, yet he seems to be ashamed of his red eye.

Elijah- The self-asserted leader. After Hayley meets him in the nightmare world, Elijah comes off as cold and bossy. Always the voice of reason and a medical student who has a low tolerance for nonsense.

Leon- Leon calls Hayley by her name in the nightmare world, but she's almost sure that she's never met him. It's odd cause Leon can't be found in the real world, and Hayley feels her heartache whenever she sees him. The more she's around him, the more a familiar feeling starts to settle between them.

Tawnus- Always the life of the party no matter the situation. Tawnus is light-hearted and is always cracking jokes. With him around, everyone feels at ease, but he sure gets under Elijah's skin easily, and often.

Raine- Raine seems a bit immature and childlike. Hayley feels almost immediately comfortable upon meeting her and doesn't hesitate to hug and be hugged by her.

Silas- His name pops up and everyone seems a bit scared. Often only seen in apparitions, he's mysterious and seems to be connected to some of their pasts.

Caroline- Hayley's best friend, and has a love for gossip. Caroline shows concern for Hayley after realizing that she's been a bit out of it more than usual. An adventurer and always on the lookout for the next big surprise.

Is there an end to this life- threatening cycle of nightmares?

Hayley is a young woman whose childhood was always a blur. one day after randomly falling asleep, she wakes up in a dark, creepy world. She is not alone...there are a few attractive strangers in this world, yet they all seem vaguely familiar. Who are these guys?

Heart-wrenching apparitions begin suddenly appearing one after the other, but before she can process what is going on, a hideous monster shows up out of nowhere. Waking up in a cold sweat, scared and confused, she learns that if you die in the nightmare world, you die in real life, and the cycle repeats itself each night. What is going on? Why is this happening?

She agrees to meet those strange familiar young men in the real world to figure out a way to stop the cycle. It seems the nightmares are somehow connected to her past.

Ready or not, embark on an emotional journey of self-discovery, friendship, love, and survival!