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My name is Mike. I am a dedicated amateur astronomer with a particular passion for radio astronomy. Meteorscan is a project that we started in 2010 in order to share our live radio meteor observations at

Meteorscan is useful for tracking meteors, discovering new meteor showers and detecting fireball events. Meteorscan can also be used by Amateur Radio enthusiasts to track sudden increases in ionisation which can facilitate long distance meteor-scatter communication.

Automated Software

Interpreting spectrograms by eye is not easy and takes time, but I have made much progress with our automated system that will automatically discriminate,  highlight and count actual meteor events separated from other radio signals. This allows us to gather, publish, share and archive live meteor data at The beta version of our system was first tested during 2017 and worked well.

So why buy me a coffee?

My biggest challenge has been the popularity of our web stream which used a huge amount of server bandwidth (much more than 1TB/month) during popular meteor events.

To keep the project alive, I leased costly dedicated servers that would also run our binary code, but I just could not afford to keep them beyond one year.

It's thanks to your support I have been able to continue development of the Meteorscan Software, improving bandwidth and reducing the need for multiple stations and powerful servers. This has brought us much closer toward our goal of continuous live radio astronomy data for all.

We do not sell advertising or run a paywall. We are non commercial and not linked to any establishment.

Your "Coffee" contributions are our only funding source. I'd love it if you would "Buy Me a Coffee" if you find Meteorscan useful, interesting or just feel we deserve it. Your support is so much appreciated.

Many thanks for your interest in Meteorscan and amateur astronomy in general.

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