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Mutha Funkin' Soulful Beats aka MFSB

Pre-Covid we held FREE daytime parties on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month 3.00pm-9.00pm downstairs at our home The Street bar, Edinburgh. Residents Yogi and Dave brought the best vibes from the House, Disco, Boogie, Funk & Soul scenes, as well as inviting some devilishly interesting announced & un announced guests to keep the soulful fire workin' the floor. 

Now, with nightlife taking the biggest of hits from the fallout of lockdown and social distancing with Covid restrictions, it is clear that having been the first sector to be closed we will likely be the very last to reopen. With this in mind, we have tried to keep the love flowing with regular live streams throughout the period to keep the spirits of the dance music community up and to help people stay connected and maintain mental health.

With no likelihood of a quick resolution however, we want to try to up our game and enhance the range of things we can bring you in future. Live streaming costs us in subscriptions to services. Cameras cost. IT equipment costs. Buying music to share with you all costs. We've invested in these things out of our own pockets thus far but with no gigs since March, there are limits to what we can do.

So, after much deliberation, we're asking those of you who are able and who wish to do so to consider making a small donation to help keep the lights on and to allow us to invest in improved equipment in order to being you better quality live streams and also allow us to start bringing you other interactions such as reviews and interviews and all sorts of other stuff via our Mixcloud and YouTube channels.

We want to point out that we appreciate times are financially hard and mentally stressful for all right now and that there is absolutely no obligation on or expectation of any of you to donate. This is purely a voluntary request and only if you can afford to.

Thank you!

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