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Hi Folks!

I'm Manuel, located in Austria, Graz (which is beautiful, check it out some times).
I work on software since I was 13 years old and never stopped doing ever since.

Growing up with Delphi and BASIC in the early days, I discovered web development with PHP was my passion.
Then I discovered .NET and the C# language became my first true love. Becoming a DevExpress MVP was an is a huge honor for me. I like to work a lot with the community.
After that worked a lot on testing tools written in TypeScript.

Writing blog posts and supporting the community isn't enough to pay the bills, so I work as an individual consultant and developer for all kinds of projects, from web to desktop, mobile and more. Teaching best practises to teams all around the globe does that, but I want to focus more on open source in the future!

I am currently working on a couple of products mainly Tasty which should bring testing in the .NET space into the next level as well as Xenial a productivity boost for DevExpress expressAppFramework users to scale out their development and keep best practices in mind.

By sponsering me you will help keep pushing more ideas and products into the open without me slowing down to do so. It will help keep me focus on products and the community!

Kind regards and Prost from Austria

Ps.: :shipit: