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I work on OpenSource software!

Hey, if you've benefited from some software I've written or worked on, and feel the urge to buy me a coffee, then you're in the right place!

It's likely to encourage me to do more work on the relevant project, since it's an indicator of valuing the project. However, please feel no extrinsic obligation to do so, I'm doing fine :)

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@scottflorack bought 3 coffees.

Love your Todoist shortcut extension.  Thanks for all the hard work!  Hopefully Todoist will buy your services and implement them directly into the service.  ;)

Awesome, thanks, I'm glad you appreciate it!  It would be nice to have these more directly in Todoist, but hey, it's kinda cool it's possible to do it with an extension :)

@mattmartin26 bought 3 coffees.

Dude, your Todoist extension has redeemed my opinion of the tool! Well, maybe not of the tool but of my experience of it. Thank you much! :)

Hey, thanks!!  I'm glad my code improves your Todoist experience so much :)

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an extra coffee! thanks again

Thanks for continuing to express your appreciation through $ :D

Abhishek bought a coffee.

Thanks for making this! Has totally transformed my experience of reviewing todoist every day.

You're welcome!  I'm glad it's improved your daily review :)