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After a failed engagement in 2014 and redundant disappointing experiences dating I noticed a problem with modern relationships, women and marriage. Delving deeper into the social climate of today I've subsequently discovered the Red Pill which I have freely shared with each and every one of you for the last 6 years. Posts are an accumulation of personal experiences, acquired knowledge and is shared genuinely from the soul.

Over the years I've coached and supported hundreds of men from all walks of life, world-wide for self-help and betterment because I felt men needed to be heard, someone who understands them and what they are going through with modern women. A champion who stands up for and speaks for them. It's been a selfless endeavor, and I appreciate those of you who have DM'd, contributed and voiced your support. I've never once asked for a penny until now.

If you've gotten value out of this, it has helped in any way or you simply want to show appreciation, I kindly ask that you sponsor a post and support this MGTOW channel. I've gone through a lot with Instagram censorship, and have been trying my best to post content daily for you to enjoy.

Update: I have been asked a few times now to promote other men's pages. I am also happy to accept donations in exchange for Instagram / Social Media promotion.

Thank you!