Buy Muhammet Turan a coffee


Hello there 👋

My name is Muhammet Turan, a Linguist from Istanbul, Turkey and I've got a proposition for you, wanna hear me out?

Here is the deal:

Buy me a coffee and I'll translate your texts from English to Turkish or vice versa.

1 cup up to 250 words.

3 cups up to 1000 words.

5 cups up to 2000 words.

How it works?

Once you buy me a coffee, please proceed to immediately and fill in the form. As soon as I get your source texts, I will respond and share the details with you. I promise that I will do my best to provide a qualified and fast translation service.

Interested in me?

Well, I studied English Linguistics at Hacettepe University, which is one of the eligible universities in Turkey. Shortly after my graduation, I started to work as an English Teacher at state and private schools in Turkey. I also received my Master's Degree in Film and Television at Bahcesehir University. 

For the time being, I work as a General Coordinator at Euro Panoramic, a travel agency which organizes European coach tours including more than 20 cities. In my leisure time, I provide translation services in return of coffee :)