Apr 12, 2023

OpenTodoList 3.44.1 Has Been Released

Sometimes it can be so fast…Just a few days after v3.44 has been released, some mindful user reported a really annoying bug in that release. As this bug can really be a killer for a lot of use cases, we’re pushing out a hot fix release. So, here we go:Changelogrpdev/opentodolist#616: Tags not showing up in the sidebar and when adding tags to itemsDue to some refactoring work, the functionality to properly read back the tags used within a library got broken. This had two... more

Apr 08, 2023

OpenTodoList 3.44.0 Has Been Released

Hi everyone!First of all a Happy Easter to you! 🐣Yes, we are again a bit late for the next release of your favorite Todo List and note taking app, but unfortunately, I got hit by a bad cold, followed by Corona, so I think this should be excuse enough. But hey, better late than never! So, here comes the list of changes that made it into this release of OpenTodoList - and what should I say? While the list was rather short for the previous release, this one includes just the more of them... more

Jan 05, 2023

OpenTodoList 3.43.0 Has Been Released

Hi everyone!First of all: Happy new year to everyone! 🎉 I really hope you all had a great start into 2023 - let is be a wonderful and peaceful year!What could be better than getting into the new year with a new release of your favorite todo list and note taking app? Right, so, let’s have a look at what this version brings (disclaimer: it might look disappointing at first, but this release is huge):Changelogrpdev/opentodolist#541: Migrate the app to Qt6Yes, you see correctly - this is... more

Oct 19, 2022

OpenTodoList 3.42.0 Has Been Released

Hi everyone!It’s October again, for some of us this means Halloween is right ahead 🎃 And well, another thing is long overdue: Another release of OpenTodoList! Let’s check out the list of changes that made it into this release!Changelogrpdev/opentodolist#520: Remember the last opened itemThis is a really welcome usability enhancement to the app: If possible, OpenTodoList now remembers the last item that was open between restarts. This is also true if the item is e.g. a todo - in... more

Jul 14, 2022

OpenTodoList 3.41.1 Has Been Released

Hi everyone!As ever so often: Big releases bring one or the other annoying little bugs with them. Its unfortunately the same with v3.41 of OpenTodoList. So - consequentially - here’s the remedy: v3.41.1.Changelogrpdev/opentodolist#547: Fix constant reopening of the global schedule page if it was the last page open before exitingThis is a nasty little bug which sneaked in late during the development of the last version. Release 3.41 brought to you an all new Global Schedule View showing... more


Jul 10, 2022

OpenTodoList 3.41.0 Has Been Released
OpenTodoList v3.34 is out
OpenTodoList 3.38 Has Been Released
OpenTodoList 3.39 Has Been Released
OpenTodoList 3.39.1 Has Been Released
OpenTodoList 3.40.0 Has Been Released
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