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Heylo! 🎉 You've just visited my coffee page! But I use it for stuff other than coffee 🧐 If you came here from some other part of the internet than my IG, please check it out, you might like it! OVER HEREE 💕🏳️‍⚧️ If you'd like to support me on my way to SRS and other trans-related 🏳️‍⚧️ stuff (also I think I could fund some more modeling stuff too 💕) then I can't stretch enough how helpful it would be 👉👈 Supporters can ask for additional insight into session photos that were not published! 👏 Note: these are not NSFW or anything, they are just other photos (sometimes in other fits and/or scenery) that I did not select for a given session. It's usually a set of 80 - 100 photos per session (meaning per one IG post I do) 🔥 

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