I had a free day today, did some photos and, well, it wasn't as bad. I am trying to like myself and look at myself in a good way 🧚🏼‍♀️

I also played a lot of Skyrim today! That was nice! ✨ 

And when it comes to real life problems that are not related to my looks - judge has to call another expert witness to guess my gender 🤡 we are at 1.5 year of this trial now and I can't stretch enough how much I hate Poland and the whole system here. Aaaaand I also hate doctors that should not even be actively working because their knowledge is so outdated it's outrageous. I wish them all a big "fuck you" ✨

I really just want it to end. O want my fucking legal papers to be correct so O can normally go to a doctor, do gov things or schedule an appointment to get my boobs done but NOOOOO

THANK YOU for reading that rant and the other part too, love ya! ✨