Hai, I ordered a thing 👀

It was supposed to be M in size and like, uhh, black, but apparently, it's like an S and transparent 👏

I mean, there are a few shots that MAY be okay but like, uhh, the more I stare at myself, the less I like it. I look like a square with shoulders too broad And I probably can upload only one of two of them to IG anyway

I don't really want every single post I add to be a dysphoric rant but it's hard xx Tho I can say I am SOMETIMES looking okay and it's not like I am shit all the time, it's just that it's often, and I guess it is something to be happy about

Other than that, I am thinking of again just writing something weird to get off my anger and stress, keep your eyes out for my rants!

Love, Mia