Hai! 🎉

How are you? Well, I'm uh, decent. I burned my wrist and belly, a second-degree burn actually. It was very painful at it was purely of my own stupidity, but I do not want to talk about how it happened.

For almost a month now I was only sleeping in just one and only one position. I hate it so much, not moving for 6 to 8 hours and being in a weird position, I want it all to heal already. But hey, it is not the worst thing! Have you ever wanted to hug someone but you.... couldn't? Yeah, well, i want to hug my wifey again, like, you know, hug, but I can't. It is driving me crazy.

Also, I miss painting and taking photos, I want to do all that. I feel like the photoshoots actually kept my self confidence up and now, heh ;-;

Well, I could try to write more but I have only one hand available to do it. Imagine programming for over two weeks with only one hand, omg so much respect to ppl that have to do it all the time, it is so exhausting.

Just needed to vent, I hope you have a good time. Remember to stay healthy, eat and drink!

Love, Mia 💕