"Trans girls are the best of both worlds" - I saw a few people say that right now, either it was chasers, some cishets, or trans girls. At first, I was ignoring stuff like that, just another weird phrase, but actually, when I thought about it more, it is actually just keeping the stupid and harmful stereotype alive.

Let me actually tell you first how I understand it. Both worlds here are of course "general feminine traits" (boobies) and "general male traits" (penis). I don't see a different way of explaining it and I thought really hard. Because of that, every time I see it, I want to kick someone through the screen. The whole thing is just keeping the stereotype of boobs = female and penis = male tbh and it's overall harmful to the trans community.

I think that repeating things like this one are just making other trans people (for example the ones that just now realized that they are trans) want to get rid of certain things not because they thought about it or thought about how they feel about certain features, but because the community assigned things that are genderless to a spectrum or a specific binary gender. I myself went that way and if any trans person is reading it, take a while to think about that. We sometimes pressure ourselves into something that is not really our personal decision but rather a decision of other people forced on us.

I am not saying that deciding whether you want to leave/get rid of some traits or parts of yourself is bad, is always a matter of your choice, but make sure it's actually your choice.

I would also like to know if you have some insights about it. I'd love to be proven wrong here, I'd love to hear some cool argument that will put that one sentence from the beginning in a cool light for me. Discussion is key but I feel like I'm too old to discuss things with people on TT.

I want to try and rant about some things here that I think would be suitable for my account. This is the first post of that kind, it's short and probably full of logic flaws but let's see if I can make something that will be consistent and educating for me and maybe for others. I also want to say that I'd probably still upload some pics here, not sure if they will go public or will be kept for supporters yet, but we'll see in the future probably.

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