We had a prompt on a discord server to use some cool "disco" lightning and uhh, idk, at least I tried a bit 😅 

Its always fun to take some pics. I was very scared today that I'll feel dysphoric and I did for a bit, ngl, but it kinda went off as the day went by, so I call it a W 👏

Also, the more time I spend on my name-change case, the more I want to actually start some foundation or something along those lines to actually help out ppl who are struggling with things like that. Could also join one, why create even more of these I guess 👀

I'll try to come up with a post about the recent case developments, that could be a whole academic paper at this point ngl.

Anyyyway, feel free to let me know what you think of the pics and what ideas do you have for photoshoots!

And drink water! 😡

Love, Mia 💕