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Hi! Thank you for stopping by my Buy Me a Coffee Page!

I'm a NE Ohio-based composer. Most of my current compositional work is focused on the creation of new scores/soundtracks for Silent Era films.

I've loved Silent Era films since I was a child, but it was in graduate school that I developed a passion for composing new scores for these films. In fact, my master's degree thesis composition was an orchestral score for a half-hour excerpt from F.W. Murnau's 1926 masterpiece, "Faust." 

In composing new scores for early films my intent is to enhance the viewing experience, rather than treating the film as part of a larger musical composition. The new music helps put a contemporary frame, as it were, around the older images, which, in turn, helps contemporary audiences engage with and enjoy these great films.

I'm a completely self-financed, independent composer. Donations are greatly appreciated, and will enable me to continue to create these film scores by defraying the costs of the software and hardware I use (and which I have to occasionally update or replace) to create the scores and sync them with the films.

I greatly appreciate your support of my work!