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Biden Needs To Stop Lying About The Economy

Jan 24, 2023
Biden Dragged: https://www.foxnews.com/media/biden-dragged-touting-gas-price-drop-americans-struggle-make-ends-meet-what-planet-on Biden keeps lying about the nations economy and it has got to stop. He needs to hire better economic advisors, he needs to listen to the American people, and he needs to focus on the economy and not on a political agenda. The American people are hurting and his lies do greater harm. His financial views are now seen as garbage. If the President really wants to help the American people he should be sitting down with members of Congress and the Senate and begin negotiating on the debt ceiling and spending cuts. That would show the American people that he is doing something. But, there has to be results, not political spin. If he does nothing, then the American people can expect that the next two years will be financial hard. If you like my podcasts, please support me by going to: http://www.buymeacoffee.com/michaellodge If you would like some consultation time with me, go to: http://www.lodge-co.com and schedule on-line.
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