Here is what you receive by becoming a member:

  • Access to pre-release chapters of my books, depending on membership level

  • Entries of From the Diaries of Doctor Fran Mercer as they are written.

  • Private Discord channels, depending on membership level

  • Access to the digital archives (completed stories)

Early Access

Chapters of A Well-Lived Life, Good Medicine, and Climbing the Ladder at least sixty days before they are posted to StoriesOnline.


Chapters of Good Medicine and Climbing the Ladder as they are written and proofread, and chapters of A Well-Lived Life after each section of the books are created (a section is about 30 chapters).


Chapters of A Well-Lived Life as they are written and proofread, and access to outtakes, such as the Cutting Room Floor (AWLL), Bad Reactions (GM), and Falling Down the Stairs (CTL).


Chapters as they are written (generally a week to ten days before Platinum). You also have the ability to create and guide a character through the story, within the bounds of believability and proper fit to the storyline, and the personality and behavior of other characters. Jorge and Jackson are examples from AWLL, and José is an example from GM. Character concepts from readers include Cindi and Dave, Peter Scuderi, and innumerable minor characters in all the stoies.