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Hey everyone! 👋

I am mainly a gaming content creator and streamer. I am a musician, song writer, and artist as well, and create videos and streams with my music and art sometimes. 

I do multiple streams per week, and crate multiple videos per week featuring gaming content. 

I create and keep up several information websites and information spreadsheets based on several games I do in my content. This includes a full website devoted to theHunter Call Of The Wild Information, many spreadsheets on COTW, and builds for other games as well. I'm always trying to add new content or update existing content as needed as well. 

I use this to have a digital store of some of my art, and a membership program for those who want to support what I do with custom amounts once or monthly for the content I create. 

If you would like to buy prints of my artwork please visit my Redbubble Store.

Thank you very much for any support or purchases you make. I greatly appreciate it. 


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