Feb 06, 2023

Updates For Supporters

I wanted to give a heads up about some changes going on with the things I do. I am taking a break from the COTW Information site and sheets right now, but will later be updating the sheets to combine as much information into one place as possible. The site didn't work out the way I had hopped due to the lack of php / mysql support. It's just too much work for one person to try to do all that when they already have a full plate.I am changing the way I produce video content. I will be... more

Dec 08, 2022

Extras Of The Month: December 2022 (Finale)

Due to time constraints, I have made the decision to stop offering monthly free extras to members after this month. Since I'm doing this I am going to be offering 4 Free Extras Free to members this month with another Half Off as well.Free For Members This MonthChristmas FireplaceChristmas TreesChristmas SnowmanSnowy BarnDiscounted For Members This MonthCardinalOnce this month has ended These 5 items will return to their original prices. I will attempt to go through and make sure all extras... more

Nov 01, 2022

November 2022 Extra Of The Month

The clock has struck midnight and my beloved Spooktober has officially ended for 2022. November brings a welcome break though, and hopefully good times with family. The Extra Of The Month is the MichaelTheArch Camo Hunter Wallpaper. Non-Members can grab it for $2, and as always Members get it free. Enjoy!

Nov 01, 2022

Membership / Supporter Changes

I've decided to change the supporters system I currently have in place for various reasons. I will no longer be adding names to the supporters list for every tiny thing. Things are picking up, and I don't have the extra help or time to keep the list fully updated. I have also been asked by several people to not add their names to the list. Due to this I'm going to give thanks to all supporters in general, my crew, and my Winged Knights Of The Arch Club. This does mean if you... more

Oct 08, 2022

October Extras Of The Month! Spooktober Edition!

My biggest event every year is Spooktacular Spooktober, so I'm extending that event here as well this year! This Spooktober I have 5 Extras Of The Month for you, with 4 Freebies and 1 Heavily Discounted! Have a Wonderful and Spooktacular Spooktober and Halloween!Spooktacular Spooktober: 4K Wallpaper: Non Members $2 / Members: FreeMagic Of Spooktober: 4K Wallpaper: $2 Non Members $2 / Members: $1Halloween: 4K Wallpaper: Non Members $2 / Members: FreeHalloween Card: 4K Wallpaper: Non Members... more


Sep 07, 2022

Instructions: "Blissful Misery" Buildable Overlay System
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