May 10, 2022

Extra Of The Month: May 2022

This month Members can get my Cardinal painting free for wallpaper use, and Non-Members get 25% off discount.

May 05, 2022

Videos Break Update

I wanted to let everyone on here know that I'm taking a breaking from creating videos. I'm expecting a short break, but it may turn into a longer one depending on how I feel. I'm still going to be streaming. The break in releases will begin this weekend probably.

Apr 05, 2022

Membership Update

I am removing some of the member features from behind the membership wall. Screenshots will be available to everyone from here on out if I am able to get that working anyway. Most Work In Progress & Behind The Scenes will be available to everyone going forward. There will be no retroactive updates to change the audiences of previous posts. Note that I may every now and then give a special WIP or BTS update, or video update, just to my members. However, most updates will now just be... more

Apr 03, 2022

April's Extra Of The Month

This month Members can get Spring Clover Morning as a free wallpaper. Please note that this does not mean you can use this as a reference free. To get that during this month let me know what you are doing, on the main page click support, and choose the any of the options to make the purchase.

Mar 31, 2022

COTW Info Site Updates

One project I have is create and update an Information site and Sheets on theHunter COTW. (Link)I have finished the V1.1 update. V1.1 brought all of the information up to date to the modern weapon pack patch, and restructured the entire site to flow properly on desktop and mobile versions. V1.2 is now underway, and will only be cosmetic updates basically. I want to have titled images to use for every page on the site. This will allow me to use them in the directory pages, and as featured images... more

Mar 22, 2022

Video Posts

With my Semi Retirement I'll no longer be posting video releases here each week. To start with I thought I would continue to post them everywhere, but I've decided to only try to keep them on Twitter, and maybe my FB Page.

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