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Jul 05, 2022

Let me start off by saying I will be changing the Monthly Extra today.

I have been hard at working updating my COTW information sheets & site. These may take another week or more to finish, but I almost have all of the information I need. It's just a matter of adapting it over.

I have started creating Shorts style videos with highlights on YouTube and TikTok. I'm also trying to start doing them on Instagram as well. For now these will be highlights of any cool things from COTW. If y'all have ideas for other ways I can use them please let me know! I am currently testing out different styles for the videos. I may be releasing some tutorials on how I've found to do it. I was asked almost immediately how I got the videos to be the way they were.

I have been working on music as well when I had the chance, and have finished a few bits and pieces here and there. One thing I did finish up was the lyrics to the new song Fell, which can be found over on my music site. I do fully plan to start releasing some of my music as extras. I just want to try to make sure the quality is there first.

Finally, I am working on a few new extras unlike my current ones. I will be creating some overlays and other graphics for content creators. If you'd like me to make something custom for you please get in touch with me so we can talk about the details.

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