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Oct 11, 2021

Today we go on two river hunting trips in one video. First we go to the northeastern most part of the map to what I call Musk Deer River. I used to hunt bears here all the time, but sadly they've changed something. Now this place is absolutely amazing for musk deer, lynx, reindeer, and wild boar. In the second part we go to a river system right in the middle of the map that splits the left and right ecosystems of the map. I had hunted one very small part of this river for boar one time, but never realized it was actually a river until the day before I recorded this video. I need to explore this river at other times as well, but I think this very well may be one of the best hotspots on the map now.

Fact: Medved is by far the best map to reliably grind for moose.

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