I've posted all about the plans I have for the future of my videos several times. I get so into it, and just really excited over things. However, here lately I've been playing a larger variety of stuff, and I've realized quite a few things.

  1. COTW: I think I need to take a little break from the scheduled COTW content. January will have 5 challenge hunt videos. I'm not scheduling anymore COTW content after that for now. If I am in the mood to stream or record it I will, but nothing planned ahead. Videos will most likely be recorded different to allow for easier and less editing.

  2. Carnivores Dinosaur Hunt: I will continue until I have hunted every dinosaur, unlocked every single item, and have at at least enough gems to cycle through whatever weapon I want to use. At that point videos will be random unplanned hunts. Videos will most likely be recorded slightly different to allow for easier and less editing.

  3. Prehistoric Hunt: I will continue to stream and make videos of at least until I have unlocked all of the gear at least once. I'm unsure of how this will work since there's a limited amount of space. I may sell off lower quality weapons and gear if need be. I do see opportunity for a long running of the current role play series, but I may make a second one that's more role play with a different persona. However, since you can't currently have multiple games or delete your save I want to finish my original plans first. Videos will most likely be recorded different to allow for easier and less editing.

  4. Outriders: I will continue to record the playthrough series until finished. I'll be trying to record straight through without having to replay any content. I will be trying to do all story elements in each area, and then any available side missions before moving to the next area. Some videos will be much longer than others probably. I do want to complete the entire game story and side missions 100%. However, I will not do a complete run through of the end game content. I may record some of them randomly though.

  5. House Flipper: I am recording a House Flipper video series. Once the series has either started or finished all together I'll do streams of it. These videos will be recorded straight through, and have very little editing. Games like this are great that way. I'm doing this opposite (Videos then Stream) of all the other games like this. I have already started the videos, and don't want to ruin the video series by streaming it first. I'll also have a side series of completely customizing my offices my way.

  6. Aquarium Designer: I've finished the story on stream so now I'm free to make an entire higher quality series of a playthrough. I may also make various other random videos of my own aquariums. These videos will be recorded straight through, and have very little editing.

  7. Train Station Renovation, Power Wash Simulator, Castle Flipper, Etc...: These series will be streamed first and then have complete video series made of them. There are several more games similar to these that I'll be adding. All of these can be recorded straight through, and need very little editing.

  8. Treasure Hunter Simulator: I have this game on PS and PC both. I may stream either one as a random stream, but I do plan to do an entire video series based on this game. However, I may use my audio visual cues when recording this game the way I do with the hunting and fishing games right now.

  9. All Other Hunting and Fishing Games: I'll randomly be recording episodes of stuff like this, but not too many. These will be using my audio visual cues recording method. I basically don't speak unless there's something I want in the video. I'll also sometimes say cut out the previous section! lol

  10. Art: I plan to add art back into my life on a daily to weekly basis! I want to do streams and videos of course, but I'm not sure of the details yet.

  11. Music: I plan to add music back into my life on a daily to weekly basis as well! I'm unsure doing any videos or streaming of my music from here on out, but I'd like to share still.