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Hey everyone. If you know me, then you know that I've ALWAYS got a coffee in my hand. I'm serious, if I don't have it, people will literally ask me "where's your coffee?!" Also, I'm usually running down the street, with an extra-large purse full of WAY too much stuff, aaaand I'm usually late. Except you won't see me on the street these days, because #covid. You'll find me now at home, behind the piano, or on zoom (where we all live now) teaching my wonderful students, giving online concerts for people all over the world, coaching incredible musicians on how to build successful careers, or practicing. I love the piano, and I love people, and my precious Cyprus poodle rescue dog who is constantly by my side. 

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To connect with me, or book a private online concert for your ears only, please visit my website or my IG: @michellepowellpianist


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Thank you so much for your beautiful music. Here is a coffee from each of my family members who attended your concert. 

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Hey my friend! You deserve a coffee! Love you!

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