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I have things to say. And what I have to say might surprise you. It might make you feel uncomfortable. It may delight and inspire you.

I've always trusted the page with my deepest thoughts. Because of that, I've often held the page close to me (sometimes literally, pulling the journal or notepad to my chest when someone walked by if I was writing in the open).

For too long I've held those thoughts-in-words close to me, rarely showing them to the world. But now, it's time. It's time to set these thoughts free, let these words fly, loosen my grip on my fears of not perfect or not enough or not original or whatever else is paralyzing me.

So here they are. 

Here, I welcome you to my world of words and hope you'll find something that moves you, whether it's a poem about hummingbirds, a letter to myself, an essay about caregiving, or a memoir-style snapshot of my cancer experience. 

Here's what I have to say. 

{P.S. Many of these words will be compiled in a book I'll be completing in early 2023. By supporting me here, you'll be supporting its progress and publication, and you'll be the first to know when it's ready for purchase.}