• Ella is an alien spy with blue hair, here on Earth to study human behaviour. So why does everyone insist that she’s an ordinary little girl?

Chapter One - Me

My name is Ella, and I’m an alien with blue hair.

Okay, I’m only half alien. The Mothership brought me to Earth but left me behind with my very human father.  I’m here to collect information about the human race.

Its not hard to do. I don’t have to write anything down or remember things, like I do at school. I just watch the humans very carefully; the things they do, the words they say and the way they behave, and all of this gets soaked up in my brain, like a scrape of butter on warm toast. One day the Mothership will come and get me, and I’ll be put in a big machine that will read my brain like an encyclopedia.

Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. The Mothership would never hurt anyone.

Until I have collected enough information I have to stay here, in this house of warm, reddish-brown brick, with my family. There is my dad, and Arthur, and Hannah. Only they and Ms Suhn know about my mission here on Earth. Ms Suhn suggested I keep a journal about it, and I’m not sure why, because I’ve told her it’s a secret. The world can’t know about the Mothership. But she says I don’t have to tell anyone about what’s in my journal unless I want to.

I will tell you about Arthur first.

Chapter Two - Arthur

Arthur is my brother, and he’s . . . different.

He’s much smaller than the average human. He doesn’t eat the same food that we do. He eats mushy stuff that gets scooped up with a spoon. But Arthur refuses to do even this. He forces my dad, Hannah and sometimes even myself to deliver each mouthful to him personally. He then insults us by spitting most of it out. I tell Hannah she must not put up with this behaviour, that she should put her foot down. But she says we need to be patient with Arthur.

There are other things that worry me about my brother. Sometimes when I’m in the living room doing my homework my dad will lower his newspaper, and there’s Arthur, quietly nestled into his lap. I once suspected he was scanning the newspaper for information, but it seems he’s now progressed to training my dad to relay the headlines directly to him.

‘Look Arthur,’ he’ll say, flipping up the corners of the newspaper. ‘The Dow has fallen again.’

Arthur’s one-piece outfits look like spacesuits. His habit of wheedling written information from my dad is suspicious. And when I peer into his eyes they are so clear and blue I get the uneasy feeling that he can see . . . . everything. The atoms that make up air, and the nuclei inside the atoms.

Has the Mothership sent another spy?

Do I have competition?

Chapter Three - Mrs Suhn

‘If I’m not an alien, then why is my hair blue?’ I say triumphantly.

Ms Suhn sighs, very softly, and looks down at her notepad. 

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