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Hey there! 👋

I’m a small indie dev building a web app called Micro! I’m only just learning to code, as I’ve always been a career marketer, so this is my big project to get into the space and learn!

Micro is designed to help track your macros, weight, progress, and adherence using evidence-based analytics and data.

No more spreadsheets!

It will take a lot of work to get it right but easy for you to use.

The initial phase is to deploy an MVP product and release an open beta. From there, we will continue to improve features based on the feedback we receive from you.

We are still in the development stages, but moving quickly! Though, coding an app from scratch takes a lot of time and investment upfront.

Any small contribution will be life-changing for to get this project available to the public and create something I truly believe will help people in the fitness and nutrition space!

Whether you're a fitness coach, casual hobbyist, or have serious goals that you are working towards achieving.

Support by buying us a coffee to help pay to keep the investing and hosting going, and continue providing a good working environment for our team to grow.

If you'd like to say thanks, I’d really appreciate a coffee to help us through the late nights coding 😊

Thank you for reading and for your consideration.

I’ll love you for it.

- Elsie