I just set up this Buy Me a Coffee site as a way to connect with fans of the Siege of New Hampshire story. There are a lot of features to be sorted through but one that looked cool was a sort of "insiders club" where readers (or listeners) who would like some additional content could get it.

The story itself will usually be a Friday release, but there are times where some additional material: Q&A from readers, additional background, etc. are available but I'd rather not complicate the release order of the chapters.

There will be exclusive notes from the goings on around the homestead here in New Hampshire, the sorts of things that would go on around Martin's house.

As I work on the content for Book Six, Siege Club members can get advance notes on the story as its shaping up. Members will also get an opportunity to help with the development of the story. As chapters are written, club members will get to read drafts.

What do you think?