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We're MIC's Podcast Club, a community for podcasters. We help each other make brilliant podcasts!

By October 2022, we'll have put on 41 events!

Our monthly meetups, delivered online and in-person, are like live FAQ's for podcasters, answered by our awesome podcaster community.

Some meetups we also have special guests, typically an audio industry expert to talk about a specific podcasty subject. 

We have loads of different podcasters who come together every month, from BBC Producers to hobbyists. We believe magic happens when people with a shared passion get together!

Through Podcast Club, people have started podcasts, met collaborators, secured sponsorship and even found paid work!

Help us to continue to deliver regular events for podcasters from across the world. We can't deliver regular events and serve our awesome community without your support.

So if you have been to a MIC meetup and benefit or simply like the cut of our jib, please do buy us a brew x