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Finance staff by day, web developer by night. Maker of

Initially, I build focushub for myself which oftentimes easily distracted by video suggestions. I spend my free time to build focushub as I enjoy building things. At this phase, FocusHub is sufficient enough to fulfill my needs even though I have some plans to be implemented in the future.

Because FocusHub is not my priority I may rarely give FocusHub an update/improvement. But if a lot of people think FocusHub is useful and necessary i may put FocusHub on my priority list.

So if you want to support FocusHub please use FocusHub regularly and tell me what you think about it, also it will be very helpful if you spread the word about FocusHub. If you have an extra penny, it would be big moral support if you could buy me a coffee to keep me caffeinated. Much Thanks.