I remember when I opened the Hansheng Encyclopedia in childhood, one of the character story opened my eyes and I was surprised. Until now, I am still impressed. The jungle scenes drawn are lifelike. It took me into the wild jungle full of phytoncide, just like coexisting with wild animals and living by the stream. And I got to know Robinson in the real life version by those pages, he is Lee Guang-Hui (Suniuo). The Japanese name is Teruo Nakamura.

 He had a Japanese name because he was born in the period when Japan colonized Taiwan. In 1944, in the late of World War II, Lee Guang-Hui served as a soldier under the Japanese army, went to Indonesia to join the army for the war.

For his story, there are many different opinions on the Internet. It is said that he took a sense of honor as a volunteer and entered the battlefield. It is also said that he was forced to become a death squad to participate in the war. No matter which point of view, the truth includes that he has indeed lived alone in the jungle in Indonesia for more than thirty years.

To me, this legend is like a character from a fairy tale or a movie coming out of reality. we will not speak of the cruel of war now, in such an unimaginable primitive environment, only simple items were carried on the body at that time, such as: a rifle, a few bullets, a shovel, a pickaxe, a military uniform, etc., and an U.S. military jacket and a mirror was picked up, he can make a living from them.

Because Lee Guang-Hui is an aboriginal in Taiwan, and has received special military training, relying on physical strength, perseverance, and rich knowledge of survival in the wild, he can adapt to live in the jungle many years safely. Using the coconut tree trunk to build skeleton of a house, weaving plants turn into the wall of a house, and take the leaves cover the roof. Done with a house be a shelter, he hung the dried centipede outside the door to drive poisonous snakes away, that can protect himself totally. The magical tree house he built with his bare hands made me stunned.

He really relies on air, sunlight, streams, and picking wild fruits to make a living. Sometimes by hunting wild boars, wild animals, drilling wood to make fire, he can also eat good tasty Barbe Q!! Until growing up, I still studying his stories again and again, from the Internet, from the books, it is so amazing!!

In 1975, he was discovered and back to Taiwan. Although he passed away just four years after returning to Taiwan, his jungle legend, no matter how remarkable the technology is so far, his story still wins my heart and completely breaks the small vision of my civilized human beings view in the concrete wall!!