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Hi I'm Michael and I'm a purpose-driven entrepreneur and urban explorer. I've been exploring Bangkok's urban and rural communities and found that tourism income in Thailand is unevenly distributed. This is just one of the symptoms of Thailand ranking among the world's most economically unequal countries and believe tourism as a major industry can do more to alleviate the situation.

As a half Thai half German I want to be a bridge between my two cultures and help local communities to achieve their aspirations. This can range from developing a homestay to eco-tourism programs that connect local communities to local cultural and environmental conservation efforts. 

This account serves a fundraiser to help me support their projects and integrate them also into the tours I run through my travel operator bangkokvanguards. 50% contributions here go directly into funding local projects the rest goes into covering the taxes occurring from buy me a coffee and expenses such as transport or hiring people for specific tasks on a project (photographers, designers, for promotional material). 

I will update supporters exclusively on the progress and behind the scenes of my exploration and my work with local communities and invite anyone to exchange ideas to be part of helping build a type of tourism that benefits local communities.