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Hi, I'm Mike! 👋

I find great joy in helping people make progress.

I guess you could call me one of those "help you get unstuck" people—I love being invited into messy, confusing situations and helping you find your way forward.

While most of my work is real-time collaboration with people and teams, I'm experimenting with ways of creating similar outcomes by making things on the internet instead of attaching my time to my impact.

To do this, I make things like The Refined Mind (my digital garden🌱), Just Stop (change your relationship with time⏳), and Clear Path Forward (improve the way you work📙), and other creations to help you along your way.

If you like what I'm up to and would like to support my work, you're in the right spot.

Your support lets me continue doing exactly what I want to be doing: finding new ways to help you discover the clarity, confidence, and creativity you need to move yourself forward.

Thanks for even considering sending me some coffee. You can reach me anytime for any reason @theroyaltbomb or [email protected].