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iPhone 12 256GB Purple

Many of the apps we use to manage social accounts, productivity and for me to test my work for mobile, are inaccessible to me right now I do not have a single working phone.The phone I've chosen for this effort, includes a two year warranty against theft + loss and enough space to record video, audio and etc. on. 

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Dayo's Laptop

Dayo is art obsessed. Over the course of April 2021 through May 2022, he relentlessly pursued learning how to draw digitally, to use Blender, how to code for games, but mostly how to use Blender and animate things. Then his computer died. (Really my computer, but he used it and now it's dead.)This isn't unusual when working in 3D design and modelling, using a machine with a crap graphics card. Even great graphics cards blow out.This 16 year old boy didn't moan... he's been drawing incessantly with any available pencil on any blank surface of paper, perfecting and improving his skills. He has no computer, no phone, no tablet, just his X-Box with a faulty cable. Yet he spends hours looking up tutorials on YouTube for modelling, coding, maths, algebra (cause it's useful with code) and drawing the human form and writing his ideas for games down (in some weird place, chile he talks non-stop about this game he's working on in his head).He hasn't touched a computer since the first week of May 2022, but damned if his work isn't getting better and better with just what he has, pencil and paper.He wants to learn the web building from me and go out on Fivver and Upwork and earn his own keep. As a mother, I have mixed emotions about that, but in terms of his determination to be an artist regardless of what he doesn't have, that makes me very proud. Help me get this deserving boy a new computer. He deserves it. He deserves everything, but I really want to get him what he needs to make more art.  His obsession with it isn't growing less, it's growing stronger... even without a computer and the tools he wants to use to make art.He's a shy, socially awkward, nerdy, sweet boy.... he deserves everything.

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New MacBook Pro

My current laptop is one of the largest problems and barriers I have in terms of being productive. It was an entry level machine when I got it, and has never been able to keep pace with me. It's now four and a half years old and damn near agonising to use. This allows me to produce video, audio, to work with Photoshop and 3D editing tools more efficiently and handle large files without bottleneck, choking and spectacular crashing out. Shucks, I need video calling without crashing. 

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