What is Millionaires for Morrison? It's a grassroots comedy activist group aimed at mocking structural inequality in Australian politics.

So when you buy us a coffee - you get outtakes and interviews and discussions - about the concept that is Millionaires for Morrison.

Some funny, some nerdy. This is a little outtake, but we have some other cracker ones.

Buying us a coffee will mean we can produce more videos and write parody songs - and actually turn up at political events and sing at the cruel and inane policy space that has been Australian politics.

We have a Melbourne chapter of "Millionaires" but we hope to build chapters all around Australia. We have recently been in discussions with a cheeky wannabe Millionaire in Canberra, so fingers crossed! So click the home button at the top and support us!

Oh, and here's the full video where Mort E. Morrison remembers his name!