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I dedicate each day of my life into bringing better software.

My goal is help the developer community by writing tools that are easy to use and that have a real meaning, solving real problems. The thing is, when it comes to software, a lot of time could be spent to build it to perfection. But we are often rushed by timelines and companies especially, at the cost of quality. So this is what I focus on: a wider understanding to solve problems that will make developers' lives easier.

And to do that, I create packages... But I also share my knowledge to the rest of the community with articles. I think that explaining software is done the hard way and believe in a simpler, yet concise, way of teaching... It's just the words.

Old C, C++, and Java programmer, I completely switched to JS, TS, and Functional programming for amazing adventures.

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Thank you for being so responsive, for the fantastic library `ts-toolbelt`, for pushing TypeScript to its limit and for all the tidbits I learned from using your library and interacting with you.

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Really good work! 🧙🏻‍♂️