Hello there beautiful soul ! It has been a while since I shared something in here and yes… I got caught up with new things to heal and work on but I AM still here , thriving and very much alive !😇🤩🥰!

So how are things with you ? I see some of you shining in your own spotlight and those that I don’t see , I hope you are also doing well and good . Remember , well and good is not just your physical life and self but most of all …. Your inner truth !

Today , we are on the second half of the year and that means , 2021 would fly by so fast . Have you already thought about what you want /hope /long or wish to achieve and accomplish ? If you do , time to celebrate 🎉! And if you haven’t even thought about it yet , you have plenty of time if you start now 👌🏼!

Don’t forget to include your affirmations dear one … and remember , apply the law of attraction when making your affirmations and do the work that is needed to manifest your dreams . Most of all , have faith and trust that if it is for your own highest good and the highest good of those whom you will serve , then it is done ✅😇🙏👼..

Affirm - Believe - Trust …..

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With much Love and Light ,

Antonette xoxo

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