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Health & Wellness

Feb 10, 2021

Health and Wellness are two different things where in health is a “ state of being” while wellness is a “ state of living a healthy lifestyle “. 

 Having a background as a nurse , I look at health as a process of ensuring the body is free from toxins, imbalances , pain and at its optimal best . No aching joints/limbs , no diseases , regular exercise or perhaps a good sense of sleep every now and then .

 Wellness on the other hand proved to be way more important to understand and apply . Spirituality taught me that to achieve a good sense of well-being in Mind - Body - Spirit , one has to intentionally  be mindful of the way they think , feel or act . We are all made up of energy and we operate our lives in an energetic level , frequencies and vibes . With this understanding , you have to remember this : what you think you become . What you eat , you become . what you choose , you become and what you do , you become . 

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