I was never a fan of frozen dinners even back in the day ( about the last 20 years since I came here in the US 😁) because I was used to home cooked meals growing up ( Philippines ) . So naturally , I adapted this pattern to my family and AM lucky enough that my husband also loves to cook and grill . These days , my teens are into cooking and baking as well so this makes it a lot easier to take turns in the kitchen .

Over the weekend , I tried to get a 2 for $6.00 plant based microwaveable meal and the packaging looks interesting 🧐. I was also strapped of time and was “ hangry” so I told myself , why not ?

Came home , got excited to try one of them and it was not actually that bad 😁. But too small for my appetite lol! So I took out the other box and this one did not turn out well😬. Soggy, wet and just mushy ..

In the end , I made a conclusion that I will not buy any more frozen food in the future for myself ... ( does frozen hash browns count ? Hmmmmm) as every once in a while , this serves its purpose on weekend breakfast casseroles 🤭🤗.