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Unchartered Territory

Mar 25, 2021

Hello everyone ! After sitting and contemplating and finally understanding some “ intuitive nudges and guides “ and really making some intentional choices to cut back on my social media time , I AM ready for this new chapter of my story .

Jan this year was meant to lead and help empower women to “ re-design a new chapter in their storyline “ but as expected , what I teach was also meant to teach me 🥰.

To make it short , I had to sit in silence for the most part of the last weeks ( meaning , I had to stay present in my day to day life and less chatter from the online space ) .

I AM now in the space of surrendering into the flow of BEing ( less resistance , more allowing ... Letting go of control and trusting God/Source to lead the way and by quieting my mind , it makes it easier for me to hear and feel the Divine guidance ) . Super new in this time and space of living my life but super exciting and peaceful at the same time .

Let’s connect for more day to day input of what’s happening ☯️!



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