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I explore the intersections of humanity & technology. I'm a photog, web dev, writer & technologist. I build simple & mindful digital homes for solo biz owners.

Tech used to empower us-- now it enslaves us. We don't have to live this way. Let's flip the script & create a mindful relationship with our tech.

I currently build simple & mindful digital homes for solopreneurs & help them understand & regain control of their relationship to tech. 

Start your page now by clicking the coffeelink or, if you have a page already, submit revisions by purchasing 3 coffees & enter your revision in the form. 3 coffees = 1 revision. Easy peasy.

I also teach individuals looking to secure, minimize & understand the technology they use on a daily basis. I do most of this work through my email list & lots of coffee. If you need 1-1 help, buy me a coffee & shoot me a message!