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Hi, you have reached the page of Mini Music Movies. These clips are created by Udo Prinsen, an animation film maker/visual artist from the netherlands. I love animation, drawing, photography and music and combine these to bring you original music clips for your inspiration and entertainment. 

I just got started and see where the ship sails to, will you help me hoist the sails and catch wind? You can buy a weekly/monthly/yearly membership or just an occasional cup of coffee to help make this happen !

With your support I can pay my studio, bread and butter and invite other artists to collaborate with me. 

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Check the links below for my individual website and fine art print sales of my photography.

These Mini Music Movies are edited on and inspired by short music pieces granted to me by professional musicians and composers, usually short experimental pieces of one minute or shorter because that is manageable and considered a 'mini' music piece. Are you a musician and you like this? Drop me a line, who knows, perhaps we can collaborate.