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Hi, you have reached the page of Mini Music Movies, project 'UdOene'. We are Udo Prinsen, an animation film maker/visual artist and Oene van Geel, a musician/composer. We share a love for drawing and photography and want to combine our talents to perform for you, either live or digitally.

Many Mini Movies make a Big One, so our goal is to create a long artistic music film inspired by dreams, science, all sorts of situations and artists like Miro, David Lynch, Moebious and many more. Anything goes, Anything Flows.

For that all we just need to is to just get started. You can now buy us a weekly/monthly/yearly or just an occasional cup of coffee to help make this happen !

With your support we can pay our studios, homes, food on the table and invite other artists to collaborate with us. 

Thank you for your support !

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