i'm a BTS ARMY.

i feel inlove with BTS - a korean boy group consist of 7 men - because of their music and good values they're sharing with everyone. their songs are full of lessons, hopes, dreams and even fears that every human being go through in their life. they teach us through their music how beautiful life is, that its okay to feel different kinds of emotions, that we are not alone in whatever we're feeling or going through, that our mistakes and flaws are what makes us shine the brightest and most especially loving our own selves.

there is magic in bts discography that will surely move your heart if you listen sincerely and open-heartedly. just like what yoongi said, "you'll like bts music if you listen without prejudice"...

take your time and let them find you. once, you're with them, it'll surely be hard to let go of their hands ...

I'm sharing here their songs and lyrics which really made my life the brightest as well as many others. support me by buying a 'galaxy' and together let's Shine, Dream, Smile with BTS and ARMY.


Perhaps, that tonight is yet again making such a beautiful face
is not because of those stars nor the lights but because of us

Shine, dream, smile

Oh let us light up the night
We shine in our own way

Shine, dream, smile

Oh let us light up the night
We shine just for who we are


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