2020 has been the roughest year for everyone. Everything was suddenly put in a halt in a blink of an eye. The normal things we usually we do in our everyday lives becomes a luxury and a privilege for the many. Not everyone was in the same situation when this whole chaos started and the way each one of us went through it was much of a difference too. Others saw opportunity and self development during those times, while mostly were just purely struggling through each day. Having someone with you or something you can divert your focus to was of big help in lessening the time you have to feel and think about your worries and fears. Luckily, for BTS ARMY like me, we have BTS.

BTS are normal people too who have gone through the same emotions, worries and fears we had about the situation. They surely had their own moments of breakdown and low points, most especially that they have to cancel all their year-long prepared and most awaited world tour, and probably other schedules or projects. It's like all their efforts was suddenly put into waste with no choice left.

But along all these happenings, they didn't let this chaos totally bring them down. Instead, they still find ways to bring ARMYs comfort and happiness, which is what they always do. BTS saved 2020 for ARMY. The online concerts, songs and mixtapes released, posts, videos and all other contents they shared with us throughout this time brought so much comfort, peace and happiness for all of us.

Despite everything that happened and is still happening, BTS never let ARMYs feel that they're alone in this time. They are always there still reminding us how beautiful life is, that we should embrace our own selves, its okay to experience low points in your life but don't let it tear you, that we can all go through this if we help each other. BTS never fails to remind us that we are strong and that no matter what this world throws at us we can overcome it.

Personally, this has really been my toughest year too. I had to go all through these alone, away from my family and friends. This has tested my whole being a lot, but BTS truly helped me along the way, and as I continue moving forward and conquer all these obstacles, I remember that life truly just goes on...

People say the world has changed
Thankfully, between you and I,
it’s still the same
With “annyeong” that I always say to start and finish the day
let’s thread today and tomorrow together again

Although everything is paused, don’t hide in the dark
because the light will shine again
There’s no end in sight
Would there be an exit at all
My feet refuse to move, oh

Close your eyes for a moment
Hold my hand here
Let’s run away to the future

Like an echo in the forest
Another day will come
as if nothing happened

Yeah life goes on

Like an arrow in the blue sky
Another day will fly by

On my pillow, on my table

Yeah life goes on

Like this again ...


Lyrics Translations: @doolsetbangtan