Hey all. Kind of a quiet month this January but here's what's been going on!

What I'm Playing Vol. 7

The month started off with me talking about the games I was playing while, uh, waiting for more games to come out, haha. You can read about that here:


Fire Emblem Fates Has Some Issues

Morgan wrote a long, detailed essay on the problems he had with Fire Emblem Fates. TW for queerphobia, incest, and pedophilia.


Moving to Buy Me a Coffee

I made a post about why I moved to BMAC! It's been great so far, which you probably already know if you're reading this!


Music of the Year 2020

I finally wrote about my music of the year! This was actually really challenging for me to write so I hope you dig it.


Seeley's Most Anticipated Games of 2021

Seeley wrote about his most anticipated games for this year on my blog!


My Most Anticipated Games of 2021

I did the same thing on Seeley's blog!


Mint Zine

I made a 96 page Zine about Mint! You can download it here:


Genshin Impact Sucks

Lastly, I wrote a long thing about my issues with Genshin Impact that go beyond it being a gacha game.


Okay, maybe it wasn't as quiet as I thought. Hope you enjoyed! This February I plan on giving my thoughts on Ys IX and Bravely Default II at the very least, and I wanna talk about some of the music I've started making! Thanks for your support as always!

- Mint