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5 is owned and managed only by one person, I'm Mirage a full-time webmaster and a gamer. A few years ago I only wrote an article about gadgets since I'm always fascinated by technology and gadgets.

I'm also a hard-core gamer and play I lot of video games since I was a child. In 2019 I was playing a game called Lifeafter, the game is hard, especially in the early years. The game lacks a good tutorial on the internet at those time, every time I search on the internet for tips on Lifeafter, I didn't get what I need.

Thus giving me an idea to convert Mirageportal into a full pledge gaming website to deliver tips, guides, tutorials, or any info about games.

Creating gaming content takes a lot of time and effort, familiarizing the game in a short amount of time, and maintaining a website is costly, the coffee that you give me will have a huge impact on maintaining this website, to continue to provide some useful tutorials or info about games or any useful topic that I published in Mirageportal. 

I want to say thank you for supporting Mirageportal to grow, have a nice day.