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I grew up in a home that sort of resembled a zoo…

This is how I learned to see things that often go unnoticed, to appreciate that which is small, silent, pure, magnificent...

The simple not noticing of something, can destroy everything. So I started to document the little wonders that came my way, hoping that by showing what I saw, I could learn others to see it too, and then all I held so dear would be protected.


What will your contribution do?

It will greatly help an artist to give more focus to the important things of life: observing sparrows jumping through the streets, plucking snails off the roads, picking up trash in parks, forests, rivers, beach, diving in pools full of dog hair, playing chess using pieces of fruit and making tiny movies about the simplest magic in this world that actually all of us can create ourselves.

Also it will be a huge support in those unexpected but luckily very rare moments when camera´s need to be repaired or replaced.

And in the end, more income & more time for me, means more cool updates for you!

Thank you!


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