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I grew up in a home that sort of resembled a zoo. Cats, dogs, lizards, frogs and other tiny creatures were my family members. This is how I learned to see things that often go unnoticed, to appreciate that which is small, silent, pure, magnificent...

The simple not noticing of something can destroy everything and for this reason I started to document the little wonders that came my way. Hoping that by showing what I saw, I could learn others to see it too and then all I held so dear would be protected.

The videos and the hunt for them, fill my life with beauty and joy, but also make me very aware of that our way of life is greatly harming our world and that many mirjamsvideos are being destroyed before they even had the chance to be created.
And so environmental activism is making its way into my videos and life and the desire has risen to be of help in recovering and protecting the Amazon Rainforest.

So: buy me a coffee and I´ll plant you a tree!

Due to Covid it is not yet the best time to go, but I hope that towards winter this year (2021) I´ll be planting trees in the Amazon powered up by your coffees!!

Thank you for having taken a look at my page, and thank you for supporting me!