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~ Who am I?

Hi! My name is Miss Dutch aka Siti Pol. I am an indie comic artist from a little country called the Netherlands and I've started publishing comics of various genres under the name of AppleDragon Comics.

I've always loved telling stories since I was a toddler. My dream goal is to make comics my parttime job. By just donating $2 a month, you can help me to make it real and of course you'll be rewarded in return!

But please, do not feel forced to donate. Comics will always be free to read online. Spreading the word about my work would also help a lot.

One tip donations are also welcome.

~ What will you currently be supporting?

Where The Giants Roar - Fantasy
A fantasy where we follow a squad of the Guards, the peacekeepers of a fantasy world where humans, giants and other creatures have to live together. The story concentrates on themes as ego, self esteem and how it's effected by the relationships of the people around you.
Inspired by mythology worldwide about giants and Western European mythological creatures.
~This comic contains soft horror and violence

How I Fell In Love With A Demon - Romance / Comedy

The demon, Cage, is stuck on Earth and for some reason keeps bumping into the human girl, Yani. Your simple fluffy romantic comedy between a mortal and an immortal.