Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that I now have my own radio show/podcast that airs every Thursday at 7AST on the local campus radio station CHSR 97.9FM. Episodes will be archived after they air, and you can listen/download them here. The radio show is an extension of the handmade zine that I began creating in the summer of 2020, and will allow me to feature more music & potentially reach more people than I otherwise could. When I began the zine, its focus was on local Atlantic Canadian bands & artists operating in the punk, hardcore, indie, and alternative genres. The show will still feature a lot of CANCON, but there will be some surprises! Make sure to stay tuned in...

Post-Cheese Radio Episode 01:

liéDigging in the Desert

Phone JerksOut the Gate
TJ Cabot & Sonic HzIn the Clear
OuttacontrollerGlassy Eyes
DangereensStreets of Doom

SNFUThe Devil’s Voice (LIVE)
MotherhoodWay Down (LIVE)

Ashlee SchatzeMillennial Music
NERiMAAll Afraid to Fall
cutsleevedurian eyes

Artificial DisseminationWitch Hunt
Neighbourhood WatchRattenkrieg
No More MomentsSelf-Entitled
Prior ConvictionsShe’s the One (Ramones cover)

Matty GraceBuried Alive
Modern CynicsAsking For
DesignosaurHunger of the Young (Attack in Black cover)

Sore SpotsNo Lights On Elm Street
Weekend DadsGood Hangs

BabyLandExport A Blues

Thank you for your support :)