Last weekend I was filming myself while colouring in a drawing with patterns. Initially I wanted to do a reel for Instagram, but then I realised that I had over 20 minutes of filmed material ready to be edited and added here on my BMaC profile along with a voice commentary. Unfortunately, those videos were taking too much memory, and I naively deleted them without saving the new, edited one. So I ended up loosing them all...

Note to self: ALWAYS work in small bits and SAVE often!

On a more positive note, here's me last week, smiling proud with my "Stormy teapot" print framed and ready to be packed and sent to a lovely friend of mine who bought it! She texted me to let me know she loves the frame too, and it arrived safe and sound to her house. It doesn't happen often, but it's such a joy to see a drawing being printed and mounted/framed, coming to life, being sold and appreciated by someone out there!

Another note to self: I need to remember this feeling and treasure it for all the times I will struggle and doubt, because I know they will come.